Day 42 -Done

Made it to Lisbon. I had to take a ferry to cross the canal, since bikes/pedestrians are not allowed to use the bridge.
This was truly an amazing trip. The people, the culture, the food, the little towns… I mean, everything!!! More than big cities, Europe has lots to offer.

Thank you for following, and for your messages- they were food for the soul!

Don’t forget to dream, explore, and discover.

This is Damian signing off !!!

dziękuję… danke … děkuji … danke … grazie … merci … gracias … obrigado…






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Day 41 – Almost there

Made it to Montemor-O-Novo.  It was a beautiful ride thru the Portuguese country side.

I’m about 60 miles from my final destination.

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Day 40 – Obrigado

72 miles to Moura, Portugal.

The Morning ride was a pain.  Rainy, hilly, and most of all … foggy.  It was a very careful ride, since cars could not see me far away.

But the afternoon was amazing.  Rain stopped, Skies cleared, and  I was finally done with mountains -wohoooo!!!

Since this is my last border crossing, I want to thank (from the border) everybody from work that has supported me during my trip.  Also, a big thanks to Señor Robert Frost for helping me upload my updates – since it is a pain to do it from the iPad.

Moura is a cute little portuguese  town.

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Day 39 – JaMoon

I went North-West of Sevilla via the Sierras -yeah more mountains- I will hopefully be in Portugal tomorrow afternoon.

Found a few of my lovely friends on the road.  I wish I could take any of these guys home.

Made it to Aracena.  A beautiful, beautiful town in the sierras where Jamon is the center of all!!!

Off to Portugal tomorrow.  I will miss Spain, it’s food, and the Ham.   Also the people, but mainly the Ham.

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Day 38 – Sevilla

Beautiful day to ride to Sevilla.  It was a bit confusing getting to the city, but I was lucky to find a couple of riders that guided me all the way to the center of the town.

Ahhh. Sevilla!!!  If you come to Spain, and you don’t visit Sevilla, shame on you!   The city has everything a Spanish town should offer and more!  Beautiful narrow streets with so much history that will get you easily lost, churches that took so long to be built (centuries) that went thru different empires, architecture influenced by roman and Arabic culture meshed together, and the Guadalquivir river that accentuates the beauty of the city during the night.

In Seville I went “de tapeo” (just like in Granada) with a few people from the hostel and some locals.  They took us to the local Tapas restaurants.  I had the change to try one of the best Tapas I have ever had! And it was vegetarian.   It was called: La Torre de Lorenzo; it is made of layers of eggplant, tomato, and queso fresco cooked in the oven to perfection with a sugar cane and cinnamon sauce which gives a nice sweet taste…. Delicious!!!
If you ever in Sevilla and go to any restaurant that sells San Miguel beer, you should leave the place.  San Miguel is a beer from Malaga, and Sevillans have a “healthy” dislike against that beer – since they produce their own.   Very touristic and overpriced restaurants will sell San Miguel for tourist that don’t know any better, unlike local and traditional restaurants.

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Day 37 – More Water

Lots of water during the morning.  It seems the bad weather is gone until I’m done (fingers crossed).  Most of the ride was on a gravel road next to the main highway.

The weather got much better in the afternoon; I had a chance to take a ‘Jamon Serrano’ lunch break!   I am going to miss the food of this country.

Stayed at La Lantejuela for the night.

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Day 36 – Lorca

I left Granada towards Seville today.   I rode by the town where Federico Garcia Lorca was born; Fuente Vaqueros (about 10 miles west of Granada).

The ride was beautiful in the morning, but I got rain in the afternoon.  Lots of it!

After a 63 mile ride, I stopped in a town called Archidona and stayed in a small hotel with Lots of Spanish Ham!!!!

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Day 34/35 – Feeling Right at Home

Made it to Granada after a 71 mile ride.

It was a beautiful morning ride through the  Sierra Magina, but I got a bit of rain in the afternoon.

I had a small malfunction with my bike rack.  Due to the vibration from the road, a couple of bolts came loose, and the rack came apart (with everything attached).  I was able to fix it on the road, since the bike comes with extra bolts attached around the frame (another reason why ‘La Poderosa’ is amazing).

In Granada, I stayed at Miguel’s family house (a good friend from work).  His mom greeted me with an amazing home cooked meal, and helped me with my dirty clothes.  Next day, she took me around Granada, and taught me the history of the city.    I could not ask for anything else on my rest day!   I’m very grateful for all the care given while in Granada.

Visited the  neighborhood of Albaizin- located in front of the La Alhambra.  This is a great place to get a cool view not only of Granada, but also of La Alambra.  The neighborhood used to be where the Jewish people resided when the Moors populated Granada.

I also visited Fernando and Isabel’s tombs- the King and Queen that sponsored Cristobal Colons travels to the new world.

Definitely put Granada on your travel list!

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Day 33 – Olive Juice

Andalusia is the second largest region of Spain. Around this area, you could find endless fields of Olive Trees. The whole area smells like a huge Jar of fresh olive oil, since there are many processing plants.

I had a little time to play around with my GoPro (my outdoor camera)

The ride was not easy. Lots of rolling hills, and a big climb at the end. I ran out of water at some point which was not fun since it was hot, and I was about 15 miles to the nearest town. I saw a farmer and I shout at him for some water; he had a bottle of water on his backpack that was half empty. He gave it to me and told me to keep it. I offered him some money, but he refused to take any. Spanish farmers are amazing!

And yes, this has been the best water I’d ever had!!! …

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Day 32 – Fighting the Ferocious Giants

Found a windmill on the road!  I sent ‘La Poderosa’ to fight him, but he was too much for her.

The rain is gone in Spain (for now).  With the sun up and clear skies, I was able to enjoy La Mancha region.   Beautiful plains full of crops of cereal and saffron.  One thing I learned today: Manchego cheese comes from the region of La Mancha.

Come visit La Mancha.  You will not be disappointed.

Made it to the region of Andalucia moving towards Granada.

Stayed in a nice little town called: Puente de Geneva in the Andalucia region.

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